Patriot's Reward

New Reviews for Patriot's Reward


"A profoundly involving novel,"

June 10, 2007, Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Patriot's Reward is a historical novel deeply grounded in research and attention to detail. Set in America in the latter half of the 1700s, Patriot's Reward follows the adventures of Will Clarkson, a young African enslaved in New Hampshire, who hates living in bondage and years for the same freedoms that his white owners battle for. He fights with distinction in the American Revolution, but at what cost, and for what reward? Written by a descendent of the slaveowning family that once kept Will Clarkson as property, Patriot's Reward is a profoundly involving novel about an African-American ripped from his original culture who fiercely persevered and adapted to his new culture.


"An engaging history lesson"

Kirkus Discoveries, pre-publication review.

"Slavery can't keep a good man down in this historical novel, set in the Revolutionary War era.... Clarkson provides rich historical detail on colonial New England and the Revolutionary War illuminate a slave system which (is) quietly dehumanizing as it thwarts Will's aspirations for a family and a life of his own.... An engaging history lesson."

Advance Praise for Patriot's Reward

"Patriot's Reward is a compelling and well-written saga of an African-American slave who becomes a hero in the Revolutionary War. Deeply researched and full of action, it carries the reader from colonial New Hampshire to the siege of Quebec and the great battle at Saratoga. It will be a reading treat for enthusiasts of African-American history and Revolutionary War history alike."

-Allen Ballard, Professor of History and African Studies, SUNY-Albany, Author, Where I'm Bound (Simon & Schuster)

"Patriot's Reward is a fascinating narrative of the under-recorded realities of slavery in the North long before the Civil War. Clarkson's poignant story about a slave owned by his ancestors during the American Revolution dramatizes the devastating effect of the war's aftermath on Africans who reasonably expected equal treatment in the new country after they fought for freedom side by side with their white owners. I am particularly impressed with Clarkson's detailed and extensive research into that segment of the American Revolution that was fought in Northern New England, New York, and Canada. And the way in which he waves his fictional tale in a very realistic way through the myriad of actual events."

-William D. Hathaway, United States Senator from Maine, 1973-1979

"Steve Clarkson has thoughtfully recreated a world that has long been ignored. He uses historically accurate descriptions of a small New Hampshire seaport community to enrich and highlight little-known personal stories of men and women who were enslaved in northern New England. Patriot's Reward reminds us that 'Black History' is, indeed, American history."

-Valerie Cunningham, co-author of Black Portsmouth and President of Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail, Inc.